Keeping everyone safe


Excellence in Safeguarding

At The well we seek to keep everyone who comes through our doors or who have contact with us to be as safe as possible.

The church understands its responsibility to uphold the law and have policies in place for the purpose of safeguarding.

The church has a safeguarding team made up of the

      -Designated Person for Safeguarding (DPS)

      -Deputy Designated Person for Safeguarding (DDPS)

      -The Pastors

The church has appointed:

Peter Everitt as Designated Person for Safeguarding (DDPS) and the Trustee for Safeguarding.

All volenteers who help in the work of the church will have the relevant level of checks require by Law and inkeeping with our church safeguarding policies.

Volunteers can request DBS checks through the church office

Our polices and procedures

Secondary Title

Policy statement and safeguarding policy


Safe to Grow (Baptist Union supporting document for Safeguarding Children and Young People)


Safe to Belong (Baptist Union supporting document for Safeguarding Adults at Risk)


Gateway to Level 2 require reading, this must be read before volenteering in certain church activities


Other documents that might be of help