The Well

In a response to a direct prophetic word at the turn of the millennium we renamed ourselves 'The Well'. 

Nine years later when the current church building was being constructed on the sight of the old building, an ancient Well was discover and stands at the front of the building. 

From this point on we re-focused our energy into pursuing the presence of the Father with passion for the Kingdom and for the purpose of reaching and serving our community and beyond.


We love to draw from the Well of the Father's blessing and give it away.


Our passion is to hear the heart of the Father and to serve  the community around us and beyond. 

We want to be an expression of the Father's love to everyone we meet.


To move from Presence to Passion for Purpose. 

Pursuing the Kingdom of God.


To offer a safe place for all, ensuring everyone who connects with us will feel welcomed and valued.



We believe that as we pursue the presence of God then we will be drawn further into His heart. Here we will know more of His passion for the world and be provoked to live out our lives purposefully pursuing the Kingdom of God.


We are a multi-national, multi-generational family Church who
love to see Jesus glorified in everything we do.

fire values

We believe in the full authority of the Word of God and the Power of the Holy Spirit working actively through the Body of Christ.   We endeavour to proclaim Jesus Christ in the Power of the Holy Spirit and demonstrate the Father's love in word and deed. 

Our core values are encompassed in our belief that the Father's love is revealed to us through Jesus Christ.  We believe that pursuing the presence of God in order to hear His voice and know His heart for the worlds key.  We believe in the restoration of the heart and soul and is God's heart for each and very one of us.  We desire to see the kingdom of god extended through the equipping, anointing and empowering of the Holy Spirit.


We believe in drawing from the well of the Father's
blessing and giving it away.

Meet the team

Find out more about our Team and the people who make things happen! 

Our Leaders and Staff support us in the day to day running of The Well. In addition, we receive relational and Pastoral support from various partners such as Harvest Alliance and others.