youth ministry

We're passionate about introducing young people to Jesus. We want to see young people impacted by God so they can make an impact in their worlds.

We want to see young people raised up:

– to lead their generation

– to encourage them to develop their gifting

– to see them minister to the whole Church

"We are equipping young people to live full fun fantastic lives."
(John 10:10)


In everything we do for our Young People it's all about moving forward with God, deepening your relationship with Jesus and being equipped with the Holy Spirit's gifts.

our youth groups:



At our weekly small group We encourage young people to journey forward in their faith

We meet during term time, in the WellSpring

Targeted at 11-18's who either have faith or are interested in exploring one.

sunday youth

On Sunday mornings we meet during our morning and evening service.

We discover more about the outrageous love of God the Father, the deep joy that Jesus brings and the difference the Holy Spirit in us can make in our schools, colleagues and friends lives.

We are currently only meeting two weeks each month. We will be working on getting this up to every week – so watch this space!

youth conference

Every year we have our Youth Conference. A weekend away where we invite the Holy Spirit to the party and the young people say it rocks.

Normally in the spring, we head off to Derbyshire, to find a space to worship and encounter God.

We always enjoy good food, deepening existing friendships and discovering new ones! Many of our past young people speak of youth conference as great fun and even better times with God.

childrens ministry

We believe children should have fun and knowing God should be fun! It's all about Jesus and joy in our Sunday morning Children's group. 

We have fabulous groups at our Sunday morning services. We aim to show and teach the love of Jesus in relevant and fun ways.